Tips to Get the Best Deal

Home staging – The real estate valuation process

The home staging consultant must, in some way, prepare the conscience and state of mind of the future buyer through a thoughtful arrangement of the interior of the property for sale. The goal is to immediately attract the potential buyer who visits the house.

The owner-seller, therefore, must implement a whole series of strategies aimed at improving the value of the property, without hesitating to invest a small sum in maintenance and/or renovation works

But what are the secrets to best selling your home?

A clean, bright, well-kept house gives a good impression not only of itself, but also of its seller. The home staging process uses various techniques such as home depersonalization, decorating, remodeling and repairs. The first thing to do is to reorganize your home, highlighting all its advantages and remedying any defects:

Optimize the spaces, enhance the volumes, free the rooms of excess furniture, eliminate the furnishings and personal memories, prefer sobriety and neutrality;

Let as much light as possible into the rooms, keep the windows open and always leave the lights on if necessary, a bright house has an important competitive advantage over other poorly lit ones;

Create environments by redistributing the position of the furniture, such as a study corner, a hallway, a toilet corner, add plants and flowers that make the house more pleasant, fragrant, but without exaggerating;

Carry out small home repairs before visits, refresh the walls, fix the leaking faucet, oil the hinges of doors and windows, do all those do-it-yourself jobs that don’t take up too much time and can get you, instead, an important advantage when you open the door to your potential buyers.

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