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Find Out 10 Ways Of A Motivated Real Estate Seller

Real estate owners who are motivated to sell their property do so for a variety of reasons, including financial necessity.  A seller may be motivated by several factors, such as a buyer who can close quickly—typically in 30 days or less so that the seller receives payment quickly—a purchase offer with few conditions (such as waiving the financing condition for an all-cash deal), or accepting a property that needs work as-is.

10 ways to Identify a motivated seller in real estate

Finding motivated sellers in real estate requires effort, but when an investor knows where to search, it isn’t that difficult. Here are 10 strategies to take into account while looking for a vendor who is motivated:

  • Make connections with neighborhood lawyers, particularly those who specialize in real estate law, and urge them to alert you to any upcoming probate sales.
  • Check the local newspaper for notices of bankruptcy, divorce, or estate sales.
  • Purchase a mailing list from businesses like DataTree Lists or ListSource that targets absentee and long-term property owners for direct mail advertising.
  • Advertise on Facebook or Craigslist that you will buy houses for cash and close quickly.
  • Use bandit signs with the message “We Buy Houses” and a local phone number at motorway crossings.
  • Use websites like, HomePath,, RealtyTrac, and to search county foreclosure listings.
  • Use online marketplaces for private sellers like,, Fizber, and Houzeo.
  • To find tax sales and bank-owned properties, visit a nearby auction, or browse auction listings on websites like
  • Hire a real estate bird dog to drive around the neighborhood looking for vacant properties, attend open houses, or react to “For Sale By Owner” signs.
  • Work with a real estate agent that is receptive to investors and who has access to off-market or pocket listings.

The Conclusion

Finding motivated seller leads will increase your chances of quickly and easily finalizing a sale. The employment of a combination of these tactics is advised for the best results. As soon as you have built a list of motivated sellers, keep in mind that you may obtain homeowner data on Dashboard. Visit to know more.